West Texas Photos

Photos taken by Christine Vadai in West Texas area in May of 2003

Pinnacles at Big Bend  Yellow Cactus at Big Bend  Giants at Carlsbad Caverns 

Big Bend National Park, Texas - Basin

Canyon Towhee
Rufous-crowned Sparrow
Cactus Wren
the "Pinnacles"
the "Window"
Casa Grande Mountain at dawn

Big Bend National Park, Texas - Boot Canyon

Gray-breasted Jay
Rock Squirrel
White-tailed Deer

Fort Davis State Park, Texas

Montezuma Quail, with White-winged Dove
Acorn Woodpecker
Mount Livermore

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

the "Giants"
"Dolls theatre"
Rock formations
Rock formations

Flowering Cactus

Purple Cactus
Yellow Cactus
Yellow Cactus